Thursday, July 2, 2009

Lesson 2: Don't Be a Moron

This will be a repeated theme in future lessons. But the stories may be different. This example goes back to when I was about 9-10 years old during the Thanksgiving holiday. Our cousins were up from Florida and my brother Barrett and I were enjoying our time with them as usual.

We had an Atari (7800 I think) system with a particular game that my brother loved. The player flew a space craft through a planet bombing sites and shooting down enemy aircraft. This particular day, with the help of my cousin, Mike, Barrett had reached a level far from what he had previously done. It was a great moment of triumph that continued throughout the afternoon... until I was a moron.

As we were all watching the game--staring at the TV, I decided to scare them by hitting the pause button (located on the machine) and making them think for an instant that the game froze. Well, as I put my finger forth to hit the button I looked away and accidentally hit the power button. All progress LOST! These were the days before games saved progress automatically. I remember Mike and Barrett calling me out. Maybe there were more. They were quite angry and perhaps a little disturbed as to why I would even do that. I felt awful and was extremely embarrassed. Instead of telling them it was an accident, I just gave an embarrassed giggle. What a moron.


Denise Christian said...

I'm still laughing!!

Pink Nothings said...

yes you had me at follow.

here i am!
you really don't have to read what i write but if you could follow it's all a numbers game for me.