Saturday, July 4, 2009

Lesson 3: Be Grateful for America

It's not a perfect country by any stretch of the imagination or propaganda that movies have put out. America is, however, the greatest country to live in, based on a system of government that allows freedom to prosper and a people that have a young, but rich tradition in pride, perseverance, and courage.

We are surely aware of the low-lights of society and American government televised on daily broadcasts by what some deem to call news. (I call it entertainment reporting, but that's a-whole-nother post.) We need to remember that these cases we see are the few and far in between. American society is full of great individuals that do the right thing on a daily basis. It is full of heroes with pot bellies and bald spots going out every morning to hard jobs just to keep their family fed and sheltered. America is surrounded by great mothers teaching their children values. There are plenty of examples of love that is ingrained into Americans' lives. Just look around.

The great principle behind our government is that it is self-correcting. It may swing too far to the left and too far to the right at times, but over time, the system works and self-corrects. What a beauty. Read history if you are unfamiliar with its operations and its rewards. Our system gives us freedom! Read the history/current issues of other countries if you think the whole freedom idea is exaggerated or non-existent. The freedoms we enjoy in this country have become second nature to us. In order to truly be grateful for America, it is vital to understand that those daily freedoms we enjoy simply do not exist in several of the world's nations. Read that previous sentence again. American government is great. Despite its flaws, it is the best government in the world.

Be grateful for America, its people, its government, its history, its future. Stand up for America. Do not feel guilty or bad about our culture and way of life. Be proud of it. Always be thankful for such a blessing.

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