Thursday, July 16, 2009

Lesson 4: Letting Go vs Going Off

There are times in life where push comes to shove and we humans give into the animal rage that is in our heart. It is important to try and tame that side as much as possible so as not to go to jail, have heavy fines, send someone to the hospital, end up in the hospital, have a record that prevents future opportunities, etc. But there's also times that you just need to forget about the consequences and take someone out. Just make sure you're not chasing a Hemi.

Example 1: On my mission I was confronted in an apartment by a guy that didn't want us knocking on doors. We explained to him we had the right and were going to do it. He then got angry and started yelling and following us. It was clear this would not work. So we went downstairs and started buzzing people on the intercom hoping someone would be interested. The man came down again and started yelling and basically said he would fight us if we didn't leave. He put down this hammer and sort of bucked up.

A million flashes went through my head. Namely, one where I rip this guy's head off. Then another flash entered of newspapers reporting a story of an LDS elder beating up a guy. Didn't think that would look right on us and it would hurt our efforts. So I backed off and we went our way. My companion was upset we didn't fight. I was too, but I knew it was one we had to let go.

Example 2: My friend Dustin and I were headed to the movies. Upon exiting the freeway at a light, the passenger in a Dodge Ram rolled his window down and seemed to be wanting to race me. I ignored him, besides, who would really want to race a Hemi against a 4 cylinder? As we continued, I took a right to head to the movies and the passenger flicked a coin at my windshield. Dustin said to turn around let's get them.So we chase them down flashing my lights until the stop. They pull up and have at least 4 guys in the truck. We exchange a few words, I was primarily making fun of them the whole time. Then the driver threw a coin at us. Dustin and I popped out of the car so fast ready to take them on. As soon as we did, he took off in reverse, turned around and floored it. They were gone. We were so mad. We looked for them for about an hour and a half after the movie. No luck. But this was one occasion where I was willing to let my fists teach some young punks a lesson.


Denise Christian said...

I don't remember the last story at all. By the way Rebecca did a post for you on her blog about Lacey she thought you would lol, check the video out.

Pink Nothings said...

man i wish i was with you and dustin that night. would have been fun!

Denise Christian said...